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Swatantra Talim aims to improve the lives of people in rural communities in Uttar Pradesh by tapping into their own resourcefulness and energy. Working primarily with young people between the ages of 6-14, they work towards broad-based change in attitudes co-creating innovation labs to be a part of every village and bring about social change.

At eksochbharat, Swatantra Talim will create a 'Khoj‐Dabba ‐ Lab in a box', to equip schools in Jaunpur with lesson plans, activities and materials to cover the Department of Education's Science, Math, Language and Social Science standards for grades 1-8, similar to labs in private schools. It will instill in children the habit of tinkering which would reduce school drop outs, develop grass‐root innovations for solving daily problems and develop their villages.

We are located:
Swatantra Talim Foundation,
1355, Sector K-1, Aashiana
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
: +91- (0522) 402-6304
: +91- 919-839-7111 / 222
: swatantratalim@gmail.com