About Us

About Eksoch Bharat

It is centered in the historical city of Varanasi and Mathura-Vrindavan which holds immense talent, intellectual ability and the keenness to see positive change happen. Community based social entrepreneurship, enabled by technology, can create affordable, scalable solutions addressing local challenges and bring forth the power of 1 million people.

The ecosystem allows for sharing, networking, collaborating and deliberating ideas with other catalysts. Applying a 'bottom up' approach to building scalable solutions,
Ek Soch works to create an effective ecosystem where resources are put to use through entrepreneurship and impact in the community.

The Eastern Uttar Pradesh center of Ek Soch engages with not-for-profits, academics, youth, artisans, farmers, non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs to launch effective and impactful models of development. They will empower the urban and rural youth with the leadership and skill development necessary to manage their own social enterprises and become the change for their community needs. Through the implementation of these programs, effective, scalable and relevant solutions will develop from within the communities in implementing region.

Ek Soch has started interventions in Mathura district of western Uttar Pradesh to work and promote ecological restoration in agriculture practices. We aim to engage, enable and empower farmers and give them input and capacity building support so they themselves excel to increase their crop production and income.


"Innovations are not merely technological or market breakthroughs. They change lives. They make lives better. They bridge the gaps of unequal societies. And it all starts with an idea.." - Dilip Modi